In life, the general attribution of an individual depends on person`s personality and the will to either remain the same or change which is subject to the individual perspective to life and willingness to do everything possible to make that change possible. This can be a physical change, emotional change, adopting a situation or getting out of a situation in which an individual is not happy about etc. You may wonder how this can be possible.

Everyone has got their mind and body which is like a satnav and car itself. Your mind and body are the brains behind every decision you make as an individual where you see yourself as a success, a failure, an accomplished, a motivator, a leader, a follower and the list goes on. Something tells within you are who you are; be if you are confident in yourself or timid and that`s why Bruce Lee said in a training session with one of the temple students when the movie Enter the Dragon was in the making he said “Forget about winning and losing; forget about pride and pain. …. formality and emphasizes the clever use of the mind and body to defend and attack”  See more of Bruce Lee quotes.

How does the mind works?

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I`m not a psychologist and in view to that, my perspective towards this topic is based on general life experience, chats with close friends and stories. Now putting that into perspective, the mind triggers the action that we do either negatively or positively and it prompts how we see things differently, tells our body when to do things and when not to that is Jesus in one of His idiom said in St Matthew`s gospel “ The spirit is willing indeed but the flesh is weak”

How the body works

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The human body is the engine, the house for our mind and being human as a whole. Without the body, the mind cannot function, in other words, the mind depends on the body to function. Our body is the image of us, and we are responsible for making sure we represent ourselves in a good body image that would bring self-confidence, brightness, body positivity, self-assurance, body confidence. This could be hard to achieve because a lot of people have gone through different circumstances like bullying, being constantly put down but I have a good news for you today, no one can determine who you are.

Your mind and body.

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The mind and body work together as stated above and pushing your body to the next level of what you desire be it physical or mental state depends on your mind. A typical example is an individual determined to start an exercise to either increase your body image or fitness, you would agree with me that the body get sore at the beginning and would want to quit and your mind would be like stop, that`s enough but it takes a self-motivational mind to ignore the thoughts of the pain and continue the exercise the next day after all, NO PAIN NO Gain. Your body would definitely tell you to STOP because the body not used to the foreign movement but your mind keeps telling you, you need to do this to achieve your goal. So why stop listening to your body and listen to your mind, set a goal, follow it through and achieve your goal. The journey is always rough sometimes, but when you keep your eyes on the prize, even your body won`t be able to stop you from what your mind is set to achieve.


“Focus on yourself before focus on you”

“The journey and road to a successful achievement is narrow but wide in the end when you see the result”

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