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Consistency is all about self-discipline, keeping on track and not deviating even when it feels difficult to continue. Putting the definition into the context of this writing, consistency is a very powerful tool in anyone`s life because if you have the power of consistency in you, it will definitely take that individual to a greater height.

How consistency does help an individual

Let’s start from when we were young and started school as a kindergarten, we started learning alphabets and numbers, then to BODMAS and reading, after which we proceeded to higher education to pursue different careers. One thing is obvious in those stages of life, “Consistency” that is, it is a constant learning process which goes from one stage to another.

The process of being consistent in life is an attribute everyone possesses but it fades away if we don`t put it into usage. Consistency brings hard work out of people but a lot of people have a misconception of hard work. Hard work isn`t necessarily mean hard labor but the amount of time and energy input to achieve a goal. Consistency brings success because when you are constantly improving your skills in a particular field, you tend to be the master of that profession and that`s why people have career progression in their chosen field.

Don`t get things twisted, you`ll encounter difficulties on your way but the ability to continue and be focused on your goal is what brings power of consistency because in the event of consistently doing what you love, you`ll have people who do not share your dream, colleagues or families who will put you down and there may be times when you see yourself as a failure but the power of consistency within you will see you through that moment and shine in the end.

A lot of people ask the question how I can be consistent.

The question of how an individual can be consistent is one of the questions with various answers which needs to be answered by each individual because everyone is different. Other questions go by How to be consistent with exercise or life itself. Well, I`ve got a simple logic and perspective to make it possible to be consistent.

Most people rely on motivation to engage in any activity but yet it`s mostly not clear to a lot of people that being motivated is a feeling and not an action. In other words, Self-discipline is the key to being consistent, now let me go further into this; self-discipline or actual routine sends a signal to the brain to engage in an activity which then results to consistency action and brings us to the ultimate solution which is achieving our goals.

Going further, the environment and lack of self-confidence sometimes deter most people from going forward to achieve their goals because they use the environment as their excuse of not seeing things through especially when that individual starts a new journey in their life say an exercise but finds it difficult to see it through but the good news is that after reading this post, I`d hope your will to be consistent on anything in life will have new perspective.

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“Focus on yourself and not others”

“Adaptation is the conformity of consistence”

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