Body Transformation

Body transformation Is now a watchword that rocks the fitness world and the end result of the physical body transformation is as sweet as showing off your new car to the world. A lot of people jump to conclusion with body transformation thinking it`s all about slimming down to a more acceptable size especially women but I can categorically tell you that it entails gaining weight as well if that going to put your mind at rest. Check out Ashley Graham and see more about weight gains here

Before you get into body transformation, you need to ask yourself these questions below :

You need to be mentally driven to take that bold step

To physically want to eat a cake because it`s your birthday is different wanting or longing to taste your birthday cake; in other words, you need to change and have a mindset of a winner/ champion who would not quit because the journey is rough or the road to body transformation is too bumpy. Your mindset will determine how far you want to go or push yourself when you are fighting yourself with the thoughts of quitting because you are not used to the new world of transformation you found yourself.

Can you go through the Pain of Body Transformation?

Precious metals say gold went through a process of melting in a furnace before it becomes fine jewellery that we wear for fashion or accumulation of wealth, so the process of body transformation is going to be tough, you`ll be achy, tired, feel drained sometimes and even want to quit because your body is not used to the process but this is where you need to fight and go through the pain to get result, after all, no pain, no gain so it`s been said.

Are you eating healthy?

Healthy eating is as essential as exercising because this would provide nutrients needed for your body to carry on and make your journey to body transformation an easy one. A balanced and moderate diet keeps you healthier, provides good energy, power, strength and up keep for your body.

Are you ready to showcase your progress?

Having a photo of yourself before you start body transformation journey is really important in order to see the progress as well as taking a measurement of your body which will give you details of your body statistics as you progress. Present yourself to the world and let everyone praise your hard work after all everyone needs a bit of cheer or well-done job.

Is sexy back into your dictionary?

Achievement matters especially if you embark on a difficult task that entails both mental and physical strength which brings the question, were you able to do the impossible? Are you going to continue? Are you willing to push yourself?, Do you want to go back to who you used to be? Is sexy back into your dictionary after your rigorous exercises and balanced diet? Please answer these questions on your comment to this post and share this post to motivate people.

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