Home workouts and fitness

Home workouts, as simple as the word sounds, as easy as it is an exercise, as good as this may have a positive impact in an individual`s life, there are lots of questions people asks themselves because as much as this is physical, it is also psychological and that`s reason I would like to talk more about the most common questions starting with the benefits of home workouts?, Has it been in your thoughts and don`t know how to go by it? Is it freaking you out? Is it cost effective? Would it raise my self-confidence and change my self-esteem? Is it the right track to what I picture myself to be or look like? How can it contribute to my fitness level? Am I really ready for this? Am I ready to push for results?.

Now let`s look into all these questions and talk more about each one so that we can all get our mind and body ready for a more healthy and cost effective ways to stay physically and mentally active.

#1. Home workouts benefits:

Working out at home is built on self-reliance, dedication, and motivation. First, you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve and are you willing to create the time to go through the journey.

Secondly, the home workout will help overcome insecurities about your body and worries about going to the gym because of comparison.

#2. Thoughts and How to start:

The thoughts of starting a home workout is where the journey begins because you have to prep your body, mind and which programme is best for you as a beginner buy here`s the good news, there are lots of DVD’s, videos from different fitness trainers/company but personally, I`ve always been a fan of Shaun T with the Beachbody like T25, Insanity, Insanity Max30, PiYo, 21 DayFix etc.

Home workouts and fitness

#3. Freaking Out?

Yes, it`s alright to freak out or even get tired watching someone jumping up and down. Your body is not or perhaps has never gone through a tough workout before but count it all joy because No Pain, No Gain so they say, it may be hard, your muscle may and will ache but that doesn`t mean STOP because the end justifies the means. Make sure you see it through.

#4. Cost Effectiveness

The good thing about the home workout is that you don`t need any subscription charge every month or each session because you are exercising in the comfort of your home, that`s a good news for anyone who`s been wondering if it`s going to cost a fortune. All you need to buy is the workout program you want to just press play on your device.

#5. Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Home workouts in all ways boost your morale especially when you start to see some results on your body which will automatically change your mindset and belief in yourself that you can achieve anything if you focus and see it through with dedication.

#6. Getting Results

You need to understand that home workouts won`t just work like magic i.e changing your body features in just a few days, consistency is the key to achieving great results and you must be aware that everyone`s body is different, in other words, Mr. A may get transformation within weeks while it might take Mr. B a month to have the same result but with dedication, you can transform your life.

#7. Fitness and Healthy Living

You`ll be surprised how your fitness level will increase with home workouts by tracking your progress then comparing it to when you first started the program. As for me, I go through each workout few times to track my record which is very part of healthy living and eating healthy as well.

In conclusion, everyone always says easier said than done but I am an evidence of home workouts and I have seen results and introduced few friends to it and still growing, you can check my Instagram and I will be having a YouTube channel soon to do some live videos.

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