Gone are those days describing a woman as curvy seem insulting feeling they are being called fat/obese but here`s the good news is that curvy is the new sexy in the world of fashion where almost every clothing retail shops are now imbibing this new trend ‘Curvy’ into their collections. First of all, describing the physical attributes of a curvy girl is a bit tricky but who cares about physical attributes because there are no physical attributes except for the fact that a lot of people have a picture classed as curvy, you have to be buxom, voluptuous, curvaceous, sensual, bosomy forgetting the fact that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and it never matters be it skinny, fat, curvy and slim which now brings me to why curvy girls are the secret ingredient to the world and I’m very sure you will agree with me too.

#1. Curvy ladies and the world of fashion



Recent times has shown that the fashion industry has now embraced curvy/plus size women compared to what it used to be 2-3 years ago and with sale going up to 45% and still increasing makes plus size women sexy, accepted and cared for after all, wearing a right size clothing brings out the glory of being curvy and sexy at the same time.

#2. Curvy ladies are the best in Bed

curvylady curvyladies

No offense but curvy women are extremely good in all ramification when it comes to romance because they have the best cuddle bodies, all curvy women have nice big and beautiful butt that gives them nice shapes in clothing and lingerie. Let’s admit it, most men like and are attracted to big boobs and this is one of the essential of foreplay before and during sex.



#3. Curvy ladies are Confident

curvy and confident


It is very rare to see a curvy lady who would be shy amongst other women as they`ve got a great and beaming personality that reflects all over them, walking tall, not shy to express themselves or blend socially with the environment.






#4. Curvy ladies now dominating the fashion runway



Not until recently that curvy women are now showcasing their talent and voicing out why they`ve been excluded from been a model and exhibit their sensational figure and this has changed the whole perspective of models being stick thin. I totally agree that there should be mix of variety in the model industry not just the picture or shape of women we`ve always had in our heads of models; even the unified heavyweight boxer of the world @anthonyjoshua likes his girls curvy/BBW according to his tweet months back and I agree with him because I`m a fan of curvy women as well.




#5. Curvy ladies and Energy



Most curvy ladies have got high energy with healthy heart, radiance and carry themselves in high esteem, mostly a goal getter and strong @ioana_fit. They are very active with all they do because most people underestimate them but they tend to prove a lot of people wrong with the hyperactivity within.

I appreciate all women be it slim, average curvy or any shape that comes in the package and this blog is about appreciating women in general not a preference but if I`ll be honest, I`m a fan of curvy ladies.

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