3 facts why Your Body is your best buddy

House v Body

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First of all, your body is your best buddy because the human body is subject to change because of the process that evolves in it and if not taken care of, that is when a lot of people tend not to embrace it. Comparing our body to a house we live in, it`s the shelter we live in while we are still alive and looking at it in another way, as a human being, we live in a house and we do all our best to keep it tidy all the time for good hygiene.

Car v Body

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Second, for those who own a car, the obvious routine we do to keep our cars going is to look after them in other to keep us going from point A to point B and how do we go by doing this, we buy new tyres when necessary, take it for services when due, MOT and etc. This is how we are meant to look after our body in other to keep it in shape and not neglect it and you can now see why your body is your best body.

You v Body

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You are your body, it is the mirror of you, what you do it, how you use it reflects in the outer. Afterall, I won`t let anything bad happen to my best buddy. Our body can be predefined in so many ways, ranging from what we consume and how we use the body i.e exercise. From experience, excessive of everything is not the best for the human body. Now let’s look at it from this perspective, if you eat too much of fatty and junk food, we all know this would result in obesity and the body would be out of shape, can lead to type 2 diabetes and even heart failure when there`s too much fat. Using the body for rigorous exercises isn`t the answer either because everyone`s body is different from each other although training hard is good for those who have got the motivation and goal to see it through as per the popular saying ‘ No Pain No Gain’.

In conclusion, the body is our reflection, image and sometimes our confidence. Eating a balanced diet/moderate food, drinking enough water daily and engage in exercises no matter how little it might be – walking, moderate running, gym, workouts, cycling or a spinning class, boxing etc would help keep the body in shape depending on what you want to achieve or what your target is.

A lot of people workout for a different objective, some to gain more weight and other to be toned, choose what`s the best for you and follow it through. The journey may be rough at the beginning because your body isn`t used to a new routine and this is the stage a lot of people quit coupled with the pain involved especially in the muscles but the will to continue and see it to the end is what makes individuals different. You just need to find what motivates you and follow that path to keep the work going. Same thing goes if you want to reduce or change your diet, this comes with determination because it`s not easy to forego what you are used to doing especially something that goes through our mouth hence a lot of people struggle with this, I`ll suggest, if you can`t change your diet completely, best thing to do is to reduce intake at first then slowly change it as time goes by.

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